Mikkel Hartmann Jensen

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I am a 20 something physicists trying to learn machine learning. When I am faced with a difficult problem I find it usefull to write a text about it. This is where I keep these texts. They are mostly here so future Mikkel can find them easily but feel free to read along.

If you want to know more you can check out my CV or my profiles at: LinkedIn , ORCiD or Google Scholar .

Learning Python

Lists and Vectors: I have been running into trouble while implementing machine learning algorithms in python -- not because the math is giving me a hard time, but because I unintentionally mix up the different structures that Python and the Numpy package provide. In this post I attempt to clear the waters.

Machine Learning - Reccomender systems

One of my favortie features of Spotify, Steam and Goodreads is the reccomendations they provide. So I've decided the write a reccomender system for video games.

Collaberative Filtering - The mathematics: Before writing any code one should first understand the algorithm and the mathematics behind it. This post is all about the mathematics.

Collaberative Filtering - Writing it in python: While the level of abstraction mathamatics providde is great any implementation often raises several issues. In this post I go through the particular implementation I have written in Python.

Collaberative Filtering - Testing the model: Once you have a working system it needs to be tested. This take a lot of work and in many ways this is where it gets interesting -- how can you tweak the parameter to make it preform better? Is is baiased in any way? These are the kinds of questions that I address in this post.