Getting Into: Chaos Theory

Recently I got the chance to study Chaos Theory at work. What follows is a list of links that I found particularly useful during the learning process.

I started studying Chaos Theory for two reasons. First of all I wanted to understand how the tools from Chaos Theory can be used to study complex systems – particularly time-series data. Secondly Chaos Theory has always had a mystical feel to it and I wanted to get a better understanding of the main concepts and how they relate to other fields of mathematics.

When I am just starting to learn about a new scientific field I like to read popular science books on the subject. If you are like this too, then the following books may be of interest to you:

If any of the books above peaked your interest in the study of non-linear dynamics, the book below will give you a more thorough introduction to the field.

If reading an entire text-book seems like too much work, and you just want to get straight to the tools, then the following paper may be of interest. However, they are a bit denser and may be more difficult to follow if you do not have some of the background knowledge.

There are, of course, online courses. I have not followed any of these yet, but I leave them here for future reference:

Finally, the subject was interesting enough that I decided to write a blog posts about. It can be read here.