Local Real Estate Prices

When I bought my appartment in late 2017 I felt like the housing market was crazy. Surely, I though, it must crash soon. Here I take a housing prices in my local area since 1992.

I live in a section of Frederiksberg called Dormus Vistas Parken III. It is a collection of row houses of two to three stories. They consist of houses and appartments, form now on we will refer to each as a unit.

Generally the house are 120 m2 or 150m2. The apparment I live in is 62 m2 and there are a couple of those.

Let’s look at how the price per square meter has changed since early 1990s. The radius of the circles indicate the square meeter of the unit. Below I list all the addresses on which we have data. Hovering over the address name highlights the data in the figure.